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While I explore new ideas and possibilities with glass, I design every piece with the wearer in mind. From the idea to the sketch to the finished piece.

I love to balance proportions, shapes and colours to find the perfect harmony in every design.

Each piece is prototyped and refined several times until the final design is ready to join the collection.

Jewelry design and illustration in Adobe Photoshop on a Wacom tablet.
Creative process. Selection of colored glass rods, matching the pantone color book. Purple, pink and peach colored glass spheres in front of a GlassWear jewellery box showing purple Glass Earrings with a striped pattern.

Each season I carefully select a range of glass colors to create vibrant designs that match the latest trends.

Combined with sterling silver, gold plated sterling silver or gold each piece is created to make you stand out and to make your personality pop.

With more than 100 different glass colors in stock, each design can be made with colours of your choice.

Get in touch to discuss the possibilities of your unique piece!


By reinterpreting traditional craftsmanship and combining precious metals with handcrafted glass elements my GlassWear collection stands for unique, surprising and contemporary designs with a feminine touch.

As each piece is handcrafted, no piece is the same. Wearing a GlassWear jewel means wearing a truly unique piece.

Colorful dichroic glass strips
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