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From the idea to the sketch, from the technical drawing to the production of the piece. 

Whether you have a clear idea of the collections you would like to create or need advice and direction, I can help bring your ideas to life.

Technical jewelry drawings

With an exceptional understanding of jewelry and a background in industrial design, I can assist with developing and creating collections that embody the essence of your brand.


Ranging from smaller handmade collections to collections for large scale production, I design for your target customers, keeping your production methods and desired price points in mind. 

With over 10 years of experience in the design industry, I will be happy to share my expertise with you.



 Research & Trends

Defining your needs & the needs of your target group. Analysing current jewelry & society trends.



Selecting design directions and bringing ideas to life with sketches and jewelry renderings.

Follow up with


Technical development in collaboration with the production facility. Design optimization and final quality control.

Design Services


I collaborate with my clients to develop strong collections that reflect the identity of their brand.

I am proud to have designed six collections consisting of over 400 pieces for the Belgian brand, Nona Jewels. Each of these collections has been carefully designed to incorporate the elegance, romance and soft lines that the Nona Jewels brand is known for.

Jewelry rendering
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