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Experimenting with materials & techniques inspires me to create. My designs range from contemporary, bold statement pieces to more delicate, everyday jewelry that can be worn with any outfit.


Contemporary jewelry


As a designer, I always strive for the unexpected, to create something unique and personal that makes people smile and wonder.

Each piece of jewelry is made with precision and passion, thanks to my years of experience in the jewelry industry. By attending workshops and master classes taught by esteemed jewelry artists, I continuously keep refining my skills as a goldsmith.

Carlien. Contemporary silver filigree ring with synthetic pink and moss green make up brush. Designed and made by jewelry artist Cosima Rohden

GlassWear Collection


My fascination with glass began over a decade ago when I started experimenting with this colorful, yet fragile material. Over time, I have honed my skills and specialized in creating wearable glass objects that are both unique and beautiful. My brand, GlassWear, offers a variety of jewelry pieces that combine pure forms, clean lines, and playful patterns, resulting in contemporary pieces that fit the body perfectly.

GlassWear Balancing bubbles earrings. Long gold plated silver earrings made with borosilicate and murano glass. Yellow tone colors. Ochre and brown
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